Concrete Rose "God's Grace in Motherhood"

Concrete Rose is something  I wanted to share with others as encouragement in hard times. As a believer in Christ, I think anything we go through and overcome can be shared with others as a small piece of inspiration. Everyone has different paths in life and seasons of character building. i think mine was during my early adulthood as a single mother. I experienced God's grace in all sorts of trials and periods of isolation. I pray my story blesses your life. 

Launch Your Line

Interested in learning how to launch your own cosmetic line? Are you familiar with the term "private label company?" Do you know what a branding plate is? Are you a person like me who says "no" to small business loans and works with what you have? If this is you then open the cover and dive in. Launch Your Line will take you step-by-step through the same process I used create Rosalyn Cosmetics. I will shed light on... -Business EIN -Filing Quarterly Taxes -Branding Your Business -Private label Company -Trademarking -Logo Design -Web Hosting ...and so much more. So grab a pen and paper and get ready to Launch Your Line at Low-Cost.


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